Is Renters Insurance Required in Florida?

There is no statute that mandates Florida residents to have renters insurance. However, a landlord does have the right to require the tenant to have renters insurance as part of the terms of the landlord-tenant agreement. Be sure to read your renters agreement thoroughly to get a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Why do you need renters insurance?

Whether your landlord requires renters insurance or not, according to it is still a good thing to have to protect your personal property in the event of fire or theft. A typical Florida renters insurance agreement may include basic coverage, but it will not cover the costs for any damage to your personal property.

Do you need wind coverage?

A windstorm policy is certainly an option worth considering in the state of Florida. But depending on how far inland you live, it may not be offered or needed. Without windstorm insurance, in the event any personal property is damaged due to a windstorm, it won’t be covered. Any damage to the building itself however is not your concern since you don’t own it and are only renting. If it is not offered as part of your renters insurance and you feel you need it, you may need to secure a windstorm policy separately.

What is covered by FL renters insurance?

Florida renters insurance is considered a package policy, which means it includes different types of coverage when combined offer a comprehensive insurance plan. Replacement cost. Pay the cost to replace property or pay actual cash value. Loss of use. If you are unable to stay in your rental property for a period of time due to personal property loss, insurance covers additional costs incurred as a result of staying elsewhere.

Liability coverage and medical payments to others. If a guest is injured in an accident on your rental property and the medical bills are minor. Also covers against liability claims if someone file suit after sustaining an injury on your property. Since lawsuits are a fairly common occurrence, renters insurance can protect you from paying out-of-pocket for any negligence claims filed against you. For example, if a fire is caused due to your negligence, the landlord can seek full recovery in the amount of damages sustained.

How much does Florida renters insurance cost?

To find out how much Florida renters insurance costs, be sure to collect a quote at that’s specific to the area you live in. Quotes are going to help you determine the costs in your area. That way you aren’t blindsided by overly expensive rates. Remember though, location is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to rates.